On Being

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on being a woman in the arts, on being a woman in South Africa, on being a woman in this world.
ON BEING is a group show featuring some of South Africa’s finest contemporary artists working in a range of mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramic and mixed media.

Does one celebrate women’s day in South Africa whilst we are facing a national crisis in gender-based violence? Is it tokenism to celebrate women for one day (or a month)? We asked these questions in discussions for this show. Women artists have and continue to hold their own in our space year-round. However, any opportunity to highlight women- we will take. The title of the show aims to speak to the lived experience of women in this country; it calls for celebration and mourning, as being a woman in South Africa means both.

This exhibition features works not specifically made for a women’s exhibition, but have been selected by the curators as to offer an insight into the interior world of being a woman and to celebrate our artists by highlighting their work.

We remember the 20 000+ women who marched on the streets in 1956. We pay tribute to them for their courage and strength. We pay tribute to all our women artists. We look to the future, knowing that there is still much to do.

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Caryn Scrimgeour, Sanell Aggenbach, Faith XLVII, Nomthunzi Mashalaba, Deborah Bell, Lady Skollie,  Sasha Hartslief, Syndi Kahn, Warther Dixon, Liza Grobler, Wilma Cruise, Kerri Evans, Lucinda Mudge, Hannalie Taute, Liberty Battson, Tamlin Blake, Shany Van Den Berg, Lee-Ann Heath, Elizabeth Balcomb, Penelope Stutterheime, Denby Meyer  Jo O’Connor, Louise Mason, Barbara Wildenboer, Emalie Bingham, Angela Banks, Corlie de Kock, Grace da Costa, Elsabe Milandri, Tanya Poole, Jane Eppel, Klara Marie den Heijer, Arabella Caccia, Bronwyn Lace, Io Makandal and Haidie Nel.