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REBELLION FROM 3/3022 TILL 4/30/22
Although the evolution of artistic practices has given rise to a multiplicity of expressive and aesthetic possibilities, since its beginnings and up to our most immediate present, the first impulse on the part of artists consists in following the guide of a contemporary approach.
A quest to lead the works to unthinkable limits, to enter without permission on the threshold of the forbidden and the fantastic, to reconquer the independence violated by logic and morality, as well as to reclaim the raison d’ tre and its irrational splendor.
Through the rupture of the formal, symbolic relationship and its meaning or the social senses that have been conventionally assigned to it, it would seem that the plastic languages rebel against the attachment, perhaps too intellectualistic, of classical art and its mimetic representation.
In this sense, REBELLION, the new proposal of GALERIA AZUR MADRID, postulates an aesthetic as the purpose of this revolutionary explosion that questions all the absolutes of culture and our humanity, where the climax of the “dark” tries to portray the confusion of the shadow illuminated by art.
In this selection of works new territories appear, where the plastic matter reproduces the sensuality of the body, dialogues of saturated palettes and unconventional perspectives, in a curatorial script where the complexity of existence has not yet managed to escape from the social conditioning with which the expressive languages and artistic discourses inherited from modernity are marked, because modernity also created tradition.


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