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Everard Read CIRCA Cape Town will be exhibiting our annual Summer Group Show.  Opening on the 3rd December and will run until 3rd  January 2019.


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i-mā′gō, n

In biology, the imago (Latin for “image”) is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis, its process of growth and development; it also is called the imaginal stage, the stage in which the insect attains maturity. It follows the final ecdysis of the immature instars.

IMAGO is a group exhibition celebrating Spring in the winelands. This collection features some of South Africa’s finest contemporary artists working in a range of media: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramic and mixed media.

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Jaco Roux, Andrzej Urbanski, Lee-Ann Heath, Jan Tshikhuthula, Nelson Makamo, Guy du Toit, Colbert Mashile, Penelope Stutterheime, Blessing Ngobeni, Matthew Hindley, Shany Van den Berg, Phillemon Hlungwani, Phillipe Uzac, Vusi Khumalo, Jo O’Connor, Dylan Lewis, Neil Wright, Sasha Hartslief, Norman Catherine, Lionel Smit, Nic Bladen, Ricky Dyaloyi, Barbara Wildenboer, Ferdi B Dick, Louise Mason, Setlamorago Mashilo, Paolo Bini, Liberty Battson, Richard Penn, Rosie Mudge, Daniel Naude, Guy Ferrer, Wayne Barker, Grace de Costa, Ignatius Mokone, SKUBALISTO, Gary Stephens, Bronwyn Lace, Henk Serfontein,  Lucinda Mudge, Jane Eppel, Jordan Sweke, Kerri Evans, Syndi Kahn, Swain Hoogervorst, Martin Haines, Nicola Bailey, Andre Serfontein and Robert Slingsby.

On Being

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on being a woman in the arts, on being a woman in South Africa, on being a woman in this world.
ON BEING is a group show featuring some of South Africa’s finest contemporary artists working in a range of mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramic and mixed media.

Does one celebrate women’s day in South Africa whilst we are facing a national crisis in gender-based violence? Is it tokenism to celebrate women for one day (or a month)? We asked these questions in discussions for this show. Women artists have and continue to hold their own in our space year-round. However, any opportunity to highlight women- we will take. The title of the show aims to speak to the lived experience of women in this country; it calls for celebration and mourning, as being a woman in South Africa means both.

This exhibition features works not specifically made for a women’s exhibition, but have been selected by the curators as to offer an insight into the interior world of being a woman and to celebrate our artists by highlighting their work.

We remember the 20 000+ women who marched on the streets in 1956. We pay tribute to them for their courage and strength. We pay tribute to all our women artists. We look to the future, knowing that there is still much to do.

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Caryn Scrimgeour, Sanell Aggenbach, Faith XLVII, Nomthunzi Mashalaba, Deborah Bell, Lady Skollie,  Sasha Hartslief, Syndi Kahn, Warther Dixon, Liza Grobler, Wilma Cruise, Kerri Evans, Lucinda Mudge, Hannalie Taute, Liberty Battson, Tamlin Blake, Shany Van Den Berg, Lee-Ann Heath, Elizabeth Balcomb, Penelope Stutterheime, Denby Meyer  Jo O’Connor, Louise Mason, Barbara Wildenboer, Emalie Bingham, Angela Banks, Corlie de Kock, Grace da Costa, Elsabe Milandri, Tanya Poole, Jane Eppel, Klara Marie den Heijer, Arabella Caccia, Bronwyn Lace, Io Makandal and Haidie Nel.


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STILL is the third in the Everard Read galleries’ series of online group exhibitions. The first two (Staring Straight to the Future and US) served to re-frame existing works in the context of the pandemic. This latest group show comprises works primarily created by invited and gallery artists during lockdown, when most artists didn’t have access to their studios, often having to adjust both their working methods and world views.

STILL references notions of ‘stillness’: from formal still life studies, to a slowing down in quiet contemplation. This exhibition imagines humankind’s resilience and perseverance during an unprecedented time of uncertainty.

STILL presents a variety of responses that explore ephemerality, nostalgia, wistfulness, beauty and order as well as chaos and turbulence. From the epic, mythologising works of Ricky Dyaloyi, Blessing Ngobeni and Dylan Lewis, to the more serene works of Mmakgabo Sebidi, John Meyer and Caryn Scrimgeour – and everything in between – this exhibition is a pertinent snapshot of a very particular moment in time.


Participating artists include:

Sanell Aggenbach, Beth Diane Armstrong, Beezy Bailey, Deborah Bell, Kamyar Bineshtarigh, Nic Bladen, Norman Catherine, Arabella Caccia, Gail Catlin, Erin Chaplin, Hanien Conradie, Ferdi B Dick, Guy du Toit, Ricky Dyaloyi, Paul Emsley, Kerri Evans, Guy Ferrer, Liza Grobler, Lee-Ann Heath, Matthew Hindley, Swain Hoogervorst, Syndi Kahn, Vusi Khumalo, Teresa Kutala Firmino, Lady Skollie, Daniel Levi, Dylan Lewis, Lorienne Lotz, Paula Louw, Michael MacGarry, IO Makandal, Colbert Mashile, Setlamorago Mashilo, Louise Mason, Denby Meyer, John Meyer, Elsaby Milandri, Brett Murray, Nigel Mullins, Daniel Naude, Blessing Ngobeni, Jo O’Connor, Alessandro Papetti, William Peers, Caryn Scrimgeour, Mmakgabo Sebidi, Bambo Sibiya, Skubalisto, Justin Southey, Gary Stephens, Penelope Stutterheime, Angus Taylor, Andrzej Urbanski, Shany van den Berg, Harold Voigt, Walter Voigt, Elize Vossgätter, Warther Dixon & Barbara Wildenboer.


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Everard Read & CIRCA Cape Town will be exhibiting our annual Summer Group Show.  Opening on the 5th December and will run until 10th January 2019. Some of the artists who will be exhibited:

Sanell Aggenbach, Kate Arthur, Nic Bladen, Erin Chaplin, Ricky Dyaloyi, Jane Eppel, Guy Ferrer, Teresa Firmino, Liza Grobler, Matthew Hindley, Phillemon Hlungwani, Swain Hoogervorst, Syndi Kahn, Michael MacGarry, Turiya Magadela, IO Makandal, Colbert Mashile, Louise Mason, Brett Murray, Blessing Ngobeni, Richard Penn, Chibuike Uzoma, Lady Skollie, Skubalisto, Lionel Smit, Justin Southey, Giovanna Biallo Stone, Angus Taylor, Neill Wright, Shany van den Berg


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“The Abstract Expressionism of everyday life” – Marcel Pedragosa

From a world that exists as instants of fluctuating possibility, Cape Town-based Syndi Kahn extracts moments of unadulterated wonder in her new collection of luminous paintings.

Using her own photographs as well as found imagery, Kahn captures a series of figures deeply engrossed in unfolding moments. In ‘A Dream No One Can See’ a girl waves a bright sparkler; in ‘Lost for Words’ a boy grasps something glowing indistinctly close to himself. It is not always clear what is happening in the scenes, but the introverted reverie of the narratives draws us into the pure, present moment.

Drawing on long-exposure and bokeh photography as inspiration, there is a sense of visible shift in the softly blurred lines of her painted portraits. This creates movement and ambiguity. Kahn refers in particular to Manhattan street photographer Saul Leiter as a photographic muse. In her own work we can see the same attentiveness paid to the quietly mundane that makes Leiter’s work memorable. Kahn also cites Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi and her lyrical but minimal imagery. Reviewing ‘Wondering’, we see Kahn focus on similarly ordinary yet serene reflections, which honour the importance of imagination and awe in the everyday.

In a movement away from her previous abstractions, Kahn’s foray into figurative painting connects the viewers to the works, as we are intrigued by what is unfolding. The artist comments that “by purposefully not attempting to recreate perfection in these images I have left the elements and the message open to the viewer’s interpretation”. The sense of enigma is heightened by the series’ saturated colour, with most pieces being composed of shades in a single colour. This monochromatic colour palette does not allow for distraction from each instant, and underlines their significance. 

With ‘Wondering’, Kahn observes: “I am sharing the beauty and mystery of everyday life”. 

Winter Show

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Everard Read Cape Town



Winter – A Group Exhibition


12 June – 19 July 2019


Everard Read CT presents a group exhibition of paintings and sculpture by a selection of artists, including

Sanell Aggenbach, Philip Barlow, Deborah Bell, Nic Bladen, Arabella Caccia, Hanien Conradie, Ferdi B. Dick, Ricky Dyaloyi, Liza Grobler, Swain Hoogervorst, Syndi Kahn, Turiya Magadlela, Io Makandal, Lucinda Mudge, Brett Murray, Velaphi Mzimba, Daniel Naudé, Tracy Payne, Caryn Scrimgeour, Brett Charles Seiler, Skubalisto, Lionel Smit, Angus Taylor, Andrzej Urbanski, Shany van den Berg, Elize Vossgatter & Barbara Wildenboer

Summer Show

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Dec 4, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019

The downstairs gallery space at the Everard Read will be exhibiting our annual Summer Group Show.
Opening on the 4th December at 18:30, this varied exhibition will rotate during the month and concludes on the 4th January 2019.
It will showcase artworks by both emerging and established local & international artists.

Summer Exhibition

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Everard Read London presents:

SUMMER Exhibition

16 August – 7 September 2018

Everard Read London presents a group show by artists living and working in South Africa or with a strong connection to the country.

The exhibition encompasses paintings and sculpture by 25 participating artists.


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Everard Read / CIRCA is proud to present WINTER. A group exhibition of new works by emerging and established local and international artists which will be exhibited over both Everard Read and CIRCA Galleries in Cape Town. Please join us for the opening on the 14th June 2018 at 18:30.

The exhibition concludes on 11th July 2018.